Audio interface noise

I’m using an iPad Air with the Allen & Heath Zed10fx audio interface connected via USB/CCK(Apple). When I monitor/record live sound in Cubasis, I get this distorted, thin fuzzy sound (noise). I don’t have this issue while using other apps with this audio interface. I searched the Allen & Heath website for a firmware update but there there aren’t any. Additionally, Cubasis is listed as a compatible app.

If it were a hardware issue, I would not be able to use it with other apps but that’s not the case. Is someone having a similar issue? Can someone help?


I’d suggest to get in touch with Allen & Heath first.
Maybe they are aware about the issue and/or have a firmware update etc.

Just posted a question about distorted noise using a different interface and wondering if it is related?

Hi Fitz63,

I’ve replied to your other post already, in case you’ve missed it please have a look below.

Please try the following:

  • Set project settings in the Cubasis setup to 44.1 kHz. 16-bit, 512 buffer size
  • Close Cubasis and all other apps
  • Connect your hardware device with the iPad
  • Wait for 10 s to allow iOS to recognise the connected device properly
  • Launch Cubasis

Please let me have your feedback about the result.