Audio interface 'not active'???


Just switched over from Logic X to Cubase Artist 8.5. My audio interface is a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (new generation) and I am running Windows 10. Under devices in Cubase, it says for the input my audio interface is ‘inactive’. How do I activate it? Scarlett is selected as default audio interface and drivers are up to date. I didn’t see any solution in the Cubase manual regarding this specific issue.



If you go to Devices - Device setup - VST Audio system and then click on your interface it should bring up a screen that will show you what ports are active or inactive. Make them active and go from there. I’m doing this from memory so Hope I got that right!


You got it wrong.
@OP to makr a connection active, you must connect the bus to a sevice port, in VST connections as explained in the manual

It was explained in the manual. My mistake.