Audio Interface problems

I experience problems with Nuendo 8.0.15 and Orpheus audio interface.

I have to turn interface off and on or change sample rates to get the sound out of Nuendo 8.

Ableton Live has no issues like that. Also Nuendo 7 had no problems.

Also if Nuendo 8 if open then playing sound from Finder window plays them distorted.

Is this something bugs with current Nuendo version and how it handles audio drivers?

Anyone experiencing something like that on MAC? I got OS X 10.12.6


As a data point: I’m on Mac with an Apollo interface and have no such issues.

You are more lucky then:)

Sorry you’re experiencing that, emery. I am also on Mac, using an Apollo, and did not have this particular issue when I was on N8. I hope there’s a way to figure out what’s going on…might be a problem specifically with the current Orpheus driver working with N8.

Thanks for checking in:) I hope the UpsideDown creatures will fix it lol