Audio interface signals not recognized on CA 6


I just got a new computer, new audio interface, new Cubase Artist 6. I installed everything successfully. When I turn on my computer with the audio interface connected, everything works perfectly. I can see the signal from the microphone on the Recording devices window. As soon as I open Cubase Artist 6 the device is still enabled and Windows tells me it works properly, but when I tap on the microphone the computer does not receive a signal anymore. It is as if the audio interface is not connected to the computer. Can someone tell me if I’m doing something wrong? In the case I need to reinstall Cubase without losing my license does anyone know how to do it? Thank you,


Ok, it sound like you haven’t set up cubase correctly as described in the getting started manual.

What is the audio interface?

Have you installed the ASIO drivers for it and then selected them in Cubase?