Audio Interface suggestions for Cubase 10.5/Windows 10 Pro

Hello – I have been wrestling with my Focusrite Saffire Pro interface since upgrading
to Cubase 10.5/Windows 10 Pro. It is no longer supported under this new
10/10.5 environment, so I’d like to find the appropriate interface and am
hoping to get some solid direction regarding supported interfaces for
Cubase 10.5. This old Focusrite is firewire, so since that is not really
an option for most new interfaces I’d like to find something that can
compete at least a little. 4-in, 2-out is all I really need. Multi-client would
be great but I am not sure if that is a reasonable option. Any
suggestions/direction would be great.

I recommend you have a look at RME products. To me the best interfaces on the market for affordable prices. Latency extremely low, driver support and product support more than excellent, supporting software excellent.

You cant go wrong with them.

I use steinberg ur242. 4 in 2 out. works perfectly with Cubase.Have a look at it :slight_smile:

I would recommend anything but Steinberg Hardware Integration Interfaces.
For me it actually much more convenient to NOT use hardware integration.
I used have ur44mk2 and there was no way to use it in “normal” mode, sold it very quickly

+1, absolutely, without question. If you think they’re expensive, then add up the years of grief you can have with cheap interfaces and bad drivers, and put a price on the time you waste with them. RME – buy once, updated drivers forever at no extra cost. Connect your analog with ADAT, MADI or AVB. Change or expand your analog as required – your interface and rock-solid drivers remain unchanged.

Big +1 on RME

Using UR44 1vesrion. With external preamp
No problems, dsp for vocalist rock solid.
Almost every day recording sessions.

Any interface which supports ASIO on your OS plattform should be fine from a first view as long as the specs fit your needs and the drivers are also well engineered.
RME has a very good reputation for their drivers and also quality of the interfaces. I own a RME UC and I am more than happy with it, although I like also other interfaces which offer more analog I/Os and specially I do not like that my UC does not feature dedicated outs for headphones and main outs. Other brands have more I/Os for less money (also quality?).
For instance I like MOTUs interfaces from their specs. For low price TASCAM offers also interesting interfaces.
Same for many other companies. In the end of the day, it really matters what is required by the user. I have also an UR22 GEN1 and it does the basic stuff. I had a MUTO 828 a while ago an was not so happy how it worked in my setup (may had been my lack of experience these days).
MAC users will certainly focus on TB (Antelope!) where PC users might have to consider best USB support (afaik AMD systems still do not support TB?).

I believe these days a DAW user has a good selection of devices and can get a decent value for the money.

Just my 2 cents.

Another +1 for RME. As said the higher cost is worth it in saving wasted time from unreliable drivers, crashes and audio artifacts. They work in a stable manner at lower buffer settings which is wonderful when using amp sims and VSTis in real time.

I’ve also used (and still have Steinberg and Tascam interfaces). The Steinberg is a 2 in model and fine for mobile use when I’m travelling. The Tascam was fine as long as I kept the buffers up high but regularly became unstable when handling more than a few tracks and also sometimes just had days when it kept throwing in audio interference.

No issues since I moved over to RME.