Audio interface vs mixer or both

I am a newbie and have just ordered Cubase 6 and a RME Babyface audio interface (previously used a Boss BR900 for recording). I am looking at what else I need for a reasonable home recording setup and I am stuck on the issue of whether I need a small mixer or not. Mixers such as the Behringer XENYX X1622USB claim to also act as the audio interface but at £159 that’s only a third of the cost of the Babyface. I am assuming the Babyface is therefore far superior as an audio interface to me PC. So my questions are, would I benefit from having a mixer and if so why? Also should the Babyface unit work with a mixer or do I use one or the other?

The babyface will probably do you fine. Get it, use it for a while and then you will be in a better position to consider if and what extra gear you may need.

The Babyface has a built in digital mixer and with the adat and spdif I/O can be a 12 in 12 out soundcard. Arguably the best converters and certainly the best drivers in the business. Babyface is definitely the way to go…

In my setup I use an audio interface and a mixer. The mixer is the main hub which I use for level control of all my instruments, and I use it to route any signal I want to record to my audio interface. Audio from cubase is routed back to the mixer which I can now also use to control my monitors. Works for me, but I think that for now the babyface will be enough for you.

I haven’t used a mixer for about 3 years, and don’t miss it at all. However, I do use a Central Station, which is handy at times.