Audio interruptions

Mac studio, Dorico 5.1.21, Noteperformer 4.
Hi, sometimes I have audio interruptions, using Noteperformer, of a few bars.
Do you know where I should go to take action to get everything back to normal?

Thanks… :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @times007 you can check the buffer size. Menu Edit>Device Setup…
What do you have as value? Too little values can overload the buffer.
(I also switch off the microphone Input, in the same window).
Whitch ASIO driver are you using?
Are you using NP built in sounds or NPPE with an external library?
To speed up the solution process you can also post the Diagnostic Report (menu Help>Created Diagnostic Report)

Thanks for your answer.
This is the report.
The values are the same ones you use.

Dorico (1.5 MB)

Hi @times007 , thanks for the data, but still I need to ask some questions.

  1. Do the drop outs occur frequently?
  2. Do they happen always around the same location in the score or is it always different?
  3. Can you please test again? That means, start the transport and let it run until a drop out and when the sound comes back, immediately create a diagnostics report and post here.
    Thanks very much