Audio is distorted and cuts out.

I cannot get the UR22 to play audio through any program without cutting out and adding distortion.

I have adjusted the buffer size, trying every possible combination of sample rate and buffer size.

My computer more than meets the system requirements (8 gigs RAM, 400 GB free HDD space).

Can someone (preferably from Steinberg) please advise how to get this this working correctly? With such poor documentation both on line and provided with the product, I’m really tempted to return this ASAP.


What kind of computer and operating system do you use? Have you tried different USB ports? If you have USB 3 support, try connecting the device to any of the USB 2 ports, please.
In Cubase, do you have the same distortion no matter which buffer size is selected for the ASIO driver or does it get worse with lower latencies?

It might be the best solution to contact the US support directly via -> Support -> Contact

I too have the same issue, I noticed it’s only when running with a 44.1k sample rate outside of Cubase. It’s in a USB3 plug but using a USB2 plug doesn’t seem to make a difference.

I hear crackles every few seconds while listening to any kind of music outside of cubase. Buffer size and sample rate seem to habe no effect at all.

(Windows 8/64, driver and firmware up to date)