Audio is getting cut short once exported

I’ve always had this problem with long projects/mixes!

I set the export markers… export it, put the audio back into the project… but it’s always cut shorter than where I put the markers! :imp:

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Any idea’s?
Any help would be much appreciated, cos it’s sooo annoying!

The link doesn’t work.

What are you exporting too?

Here’s a new link:

Exporting it to a .WAV but same thing happens with .mp3 :confused:

I’ve had problems like this before but not found a solution, only happens occasionally for me and I haven’t noticed it for a long time… However, one suggestion I have is that you try setting the sound device latency to the lowest setting and doing the export again. This may make the inaccuracy more accurate…


I would think setting to ‘highest’ latency would make more sense. In other words larger buffer size.