Audio issue, input not connected, output is connected?

I have little to no audio on cubase, sometimes i can hear audio but majority of the time theres none, it says my output device is connected but my input device isn’t, i’m new to all of this i only use a windows 10 pc, basic gaming headphones and a telly, if anyone can help or give me advice please let me know.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

What ASIO driver do you use, please?

How does the Studio . Audio Connections > Inputs look like, please?

Using the low latency asio drive for output, it won’t let me select any device for output


I would recommend to use ASIO4ALL instead.


Could you provide screenshots of the Audio Connections > Outputs and ASIO4ALL Control Panel, please?


Where are your speakers/headphones connected to?

Btw, use any screenshot application, please.

I don’t have any speakers it’s just my telly and my headphones are connected to my pc


So what Audio Device is it? Is it AMD, or the High Definition or the Voiced driver?

Sorry, I’m not Windows user…

Its the amd


Then I would enable the AMD in the ASIO4ALL Control Panel.

I’ve enabled it, still nothing


Did you route the Cubase output there? Screenshot…?

I don’t know what you mean mate, also the audio seem to work when i add an instrument to the track but if i don’t i can’t hear it when i’m searching through the instruments


So if you add an Instrument Track or an Audio Event to the project, you can hear something? But you don’t hear the Preview in MediaBay? Is this the point?

If yes, then right-click to the output bus in the Audio Connections > Outputs and enable the Main Mix on the bus, please.

if this is what you mean then it says its already enabled and yes this is what i mean now, i had no audio before now i have audio when i add to track but can’t preview in mediabay, i appreciate the help you’ve given so far btw


This looks ok.

If you try to preview an instrument preset, sometimes you have to wait a bit until it’s loaded.

How do i know if its still loading cos it just doesn’t load in media bay

I still get no audio in media bay even though you said it should load, it doesn’t