Audio Issue When Recording

Hi guys! I’ve never had this issue with Cubase and I spent 5 hours trying to fix it with no luck. I use Cubase 8 LE and it works fine for playing music and arranging midi drums but when I try to record my guitar, the track is all distorted and lagged. I tried recording the guitar with Windows Recorder and Cool Edit Pro 2 and it works absolutely fine, so connection problem is out of the question. The guitar is connected via a multiprocessor which plays as an instrument interface and goes to the PC with USB. The sound is not peeking at all. I suspect that something happened to the ASIO driver but I have no idea how to reinstall that or how to fix it. If you can help me it would be fantastic because I’m starting to get a bit desperate :frowning: I’m attaching a sample of the way it all sounds.


Hi and welcome,

Is it on record side or on the playback side? Could you hear the distortion when you Export > Audio Mixdown?

What Audio Device do you use? Did you try to increase the buffer size?

Sorry, the Sample link doesn’t work.