audio issues cubase 7

i use cubase 7 artist and ive been recently having issues with audio.
for example:
i record a project (2 guitars, bass, and midi drums). after i finish i save the project into its folder with all the audio files.
when i come back working on that project a few days later, i see that one of the guitars audio files were replaced by files from an other project from the “cubase projects” folder and the original files which i recorded are gone.
what shall i do? have anyone had this kind of problem?
i really hope you understood what is my problem and can help me im pretty desperate.
thanks for your time!
regards. Boris

Every Song needs its own folder.

So inside Cubase Projects folder you’d have a folder then inside that would be the project file and it would have it’s own audio folder beside it.

The only thing you have to create is the folder to put the project in, the program does the rest.

You can do that from the new project dialog.

You should have a naming scheme, like I use the date but I don’t do more than one project a day.

Something where you can keep track, then of course back up your folders to another drive if you have something you really need not to loose.

Hope this helps


I get into trouble because I have a song then I use save as to save a version of it etc.

In that situation where more than one project shares an audio folder files can be lost unless you’re careful.

So I want a new version, I delete all the audio files but just remove them from the pool, don’t actually delete them, that leaves them for the original version of the project to use.

first of all thanks for your time and answer.
now, the projects aren’t at the same folder, each project has its own folder with its own backup file and audio files folder.
i have a main folder called “cubase projects” which contains all the projects ive recorded ( every project has its own folder)
and still it mixes between audio files from different folder and different projects.


Sorry, never had that happen but I’ve mainly worked with an earlier version, just getting used to 7.5.

I would only have problems when I had a bunch of projects and one audio folder.

I can’t see that it could happen unless you’re taking an audio file from another audio folder and using it in your project and it’s not making a copy, just using a reference, then it could disappear.

But then things do seem strange now days. My midi runs smoother in studio one.

Creating a unique folder for a new project is only one part of the deal. You need to start from a template and not from an existing project to make Cubase USE the new folder. Otherwise you just have the new folder with the .cpr file in it and the audio goes to the original project’s folder - and if you do that long enough, there will be files confused.

If you use the Backup Project command and specify a new folder to back it up to, it will copy the .cpr file and (only) all the other files and folders that are needed for that project. Do that for all your projects, start working with the new folders and you will have everything nice and neat from that point on. After you verify that the projects work, which they will, delete the old sloppy set.