Audio issues with Bluetooth Audio on startup

When using Bluetooth earphones, Cubasis doesn’t start/remember Bluetooth is turned on in the Audio settings. Also, most times it doesn’t choose the correct sample rate in Project settings.

So whenever using Bluetooth headphones, you have to manually change 2 settings (which Cubasis3 should do automatically):-

  1. Go to Audio Settings turn on Bluetooth/airplay
  2. Go to Project settings choose 44khz again (may have have to choose a different hz 1st to get it to register)
    . NB: This needs to be done every time you start up Cubasis with BT headphones.

Hopefully this can be fixed in an update. Thanks

Hi @Gdog,

Thanks for your message.
We plan to ease up the handling of using BT devices with Cubasis in the future.


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Thanks for the reply Lars,
Can you give an approximate/rough time frame for this please? (The future could mean anything)
Thanks again

Hi @Gdog,

Thanks for your message.
Updates will be announced once becoming available.

Best wishes,