Audio issues with Cubase Elements

Hello everyone,

I am evaluating the Cubase Elements 7 trial version. I have a Windows 8.1 computer with only the onboard audio device (Realtek). My piano is connected via its USB MIDI interface. I want to record from the piano and edit in Cubase’s score editor only, so this setup is sufficient for me.

The problem: When I use another application that accesses the speaker before opening Cubase, the speaker will be unavailable in Cubase (device available but no sound). The same issue occurs vice versa: When finishing some work in Cubase and closing it, the audio device is no longer available to other programs. In the end, I have to fully restart the computer when switching between Cubase and other programs.

I found that there is a possibility in Steinberg’s generic ASIO Driver to disable exclusive access to the device from the host application. When I disable that tickbox, however, the output device disappears in this dialog box and Cubase will refuse to start with this setting (crashes during start).

I appreciate any hints how to solve this.


Try ASIO4ALL Driver

You need a dedicated ASIO Driver