Audio keeps dropping out - also on bouncing the track

Hi all!

Hopefully any of you came across this problem before and can help.

I have Cubase10 Pro.

It has been working fine for while, however recently and out of the blue, the audio started dropping out when playing.

It doesn’t matter if I am running a project with 30 audio tracks or just one. Each time I press play after a bit (1 min / 30 sec) audio temporary drops out, then comes back. The issue happens even if I bounce the track. and the audio drops are present in the bounce.

I did not install anything new and nothing changed in my config.

So far I have tried:

  • changing the buffer and setting on my sound card
  • change setting in studio setup (I tried them all…)
  • test it with another sound card

Nothing seems to work.

I have a fairly new and powerful PC so I am wondering where is the issue:

Intel Core i9 3.60Ghz
Windows 10 64Bits

Thanks in advance to anyone that might be able to help.