Audio Kontrol 6 no input signal

Hello everybody. I’n new here and I’ve been looking around for solution to my recording problems. I’m beginning to think that my Audio Interface is not compatible to record in Cubase 10!

I am using Audio Kontrol 6 interface (Native Instruments), Cubase 10 Elements and a Macbook with Osx Mojave 10.14.2. Everything is working perfectly (also have a Mackie MCU involved) however I cannot record my guitar into Cubase (or any audio input for that matter). I’m pretty sure that I have set up the connections in Cubase correctly.

I’ve done the following;
*Studio>Studio setup > VST Audio System > selected the Kontrol 6 as the ASIO driver
*Gone into Studio > Audio Connections and seen all the inputs.
*I’ve routed it so that I have an input channel (on the channel strip) corresponding to the input I’m using on my Audio Interface Device…but nothing

No signal comes into Cubase. I though maybe it’s my dongle (wouldn’t be the first time lol!) but I tried recording into QuickTime recorder and no issues so audio is definitely going into my Macbook. I just want to record in Cubase so that I can adjust things like EQ before hitting record.

I believe that the Kontrol 6 is plug in and play so there are no drivers that I am aware of that may be needed.

I’ve heard about creating an ‘aggravate device’ in Mac Osx but I don’t know much about this or if this will work.

I can send some snapshots when I get back home, I’m just having a Costa Coffee at the moment :astonished: Hopefully when I get home I will have loads of replies and a solution then I can get straight to recording something!!

Any advice appreciated.



Hi Peter,

are you sure that no signal is reaching Cubase?
Or do you just not hear it while trying to record?
Is the monitor button activated while recording, otherwise your not hearing anything?

btw…this is the german part of the forum :wink:

Greetz Shanahan