Audio lane is silent even after un-muting

This is a new issue that’s really messing with my workflow. I have an audio lane for a vocal track that isn’t audible even after being unmuted. When I solo the lane, I can hear the audio, but otherwise it’s not in the mix. I’ve done this a thousand times, and for some reason my audio lanes are acting bizarre. Total creative bummer. Any ideas?

Not sure. However, I note that the clip is still muted on the main lane. I have had this myself, but am damned if I can remember what caused it. Have you got the same issue with other clips and I presume it is just this track. Which if memory serves is what happened to me. What have you got on the inserts?

So far, it was just this track. I managed to “fix” the issue by simply dragging the clip to another lane. I’m going to look at it again tonight. I’ll update this thread if I discover anything helpful. I’ll also try clearing out the inserts if I can reproduce the issue!

You could try duplicating the track. I still have not remembered what I eventually did to cure it.