Audio lanes

I’ve just put cubase 9.5 on a different pc.
The first song i have loaded has tracks with edited lanes.
The problem is, with one track.
one lane has a definite color is OK but another lane is a faded color and doesnt play.
I can understand mutes being grey and not playing but not the faded color lanes
So, how do i get the faded color lanes to play ?


Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Here you will see lanes muted grey and faded color
This track doesn’t play anything

I foundthe solution on another thread. You have to select the lanes with the hand (comping tool )
This obvioulsy doesn’t save either


Do you mean the copming selection is not stored in the project? Can’t believe.

That’s correct i’m not sure why but at least i know what i can do to make this OK.