Audio Level Decrease While Recording

Hi everyone!
I have noticed that on Cubase Pro 9 I get a 3 db level decrease on every audio track I record, meaning, I set up the level on the mixer and check the peak and everything, then I start recording, and the recorded track’s peak is exactly 3 db’s lower than the peak I detected on the input bus. I do not have the this problem with Cubase 5, neither do I have it when I use Cubase Pro 9 on my MacBook Pro, only Cubase Pro 9 on Windows 7.
Will someone please help me out?
Thanks a lot.

Pan law maybe?

Cheers, Ernst
PS.: Or input gain on the audio channel?

Thank you so much, Elien! Pan law was set to ‘Equal Power’, I changed it to ‘0 db’ and voilla! Problem solved!
Thanks again for your quick response.

Hi you,

great that you could solve it!

Cheers, Ernst