Audio loops are not syncing in musical mode

When I insert an audio drum loop into my project and turn on musical mode, it doesn’t play at the right tempo. I am using loops from the Cubase library. The odd thing is that musical mode works perfectly when I audition them in the Loop Browser.
I know I must be overlooking something simple.

Is the correct starting tempo reflected in the Pool? Is Straighten Up/ Musical checked there?

Mashed Mitten
Your suggestions pointed me in the right direction, and I think I found the problem. I had to change my project settings for my client to 16 bit, 48kHz sampling rate. The loops seem to work fine when the project is set to 24 bit, 41.1 kHz, but I can’t record my projects like that. I also found I can use “Conform Files” or “Convert files” functions to make it work.
This is a bit of a nuisance- does it sound like i have a grip on what is going on here?

Well… running the wrong samplerate will certainly make things wrong, I can’t see the bit depth having any affect though, so you’d probably be better putting it back to 24bit.

Okay, Split,
So when I do projects for a company that needs the music recorded at 48 kHz, what is the best way to use Cubase’s audio loops correctly?

Well from what I can make out, you have a project started at 44.1 and switched samplerate to 48 half way through, not a good idea. You would be best to finish it at 44.1 and export it at 48. No one will ever know.

You should get a message when importing a file into cubase that is not at the projects current samplerate that asks you if you want to resample to currant project samplerate?