audio loops

hi. i have C10 on a mac pro, and when i go into the audio drumloops, and select them, they show that they are playing but no audio is coming out.

i see a volume slider below the list but it does not seem to work.

is there another diolog box to control volume of the loops. i just hear nothing at all.

thanks spaceman

Check your Control Room setup. If you have it enabled, the media preview may be going to the Listen bus, which may not be properly routed to an ourput. Or you can disable Control Room if you don’t need it.

thanks Jaslan.

does the media preview have a setup panel where outputs can be assigned?

i thought the media preview would just default to stereo out.

thanks spaceman

Well I’m not really sure since I don’t use it and it has gone through some changes over the years. But that is where I would start.

can someone from steinberg help with the complete lack of audio from the loops and samples section. im hearing nothing at all. thanks Spaceman