AUDIO menu, where is the PLUGINS process?

Hi, I’m an happy owner of Cubase 5.1 but I was planning to upgrade to Cubase 8 or 9. I was, because I went recently to visit a couple of friends of mine who own respectively Cubase 7 elements 64 bits and Cubase 8.
I loved more Cubase 7, but both gave me some disappointment because they both lack one very important feature that it’s instead available on Cubase 5 and earlier versions.
I’m talking (in the AUDIO menu) of the PLUGINS command (just below the PROCESS row) that makes possible to process a single part of any track using any plugin you have installed.
I asked to my friends and they both confessed that no similar option is in their Cubases. Disappointing!
So I’m asking you, is it really true that the newer versions of Cubase removed that feature?
If it’s so, I think I’ll remain with my Cubase 5.1 forever and ever, but it’s a pity because I liked other things that newer versions have, including the support for the 64 bits machines like mine, etc. etc…
Thank you all in advance for your kind reply. Happy weekend

The offline process is in Pro but not in Elements.

Thank you. But are you sure that it’s on the Pro version? My friend has the artist version and he told me that his version has the same features of the pro except the number of the maximum tracks and a few other little things… So if I have to go for the pro version, I gotta be sure… Thanks again! Cheers

Yes, Grim is sure - this is one of the “few other little things” your friend is talking of.

Ah, ok. Thank you. :frowning:

There’s a feature comparison chart: