Audio & Midi file Split - Copied - Pasted & does not Play

This has happened quite a few times

I have edited an Audio & Midi file, Split - Copied - Pasted, on the same track, and when I go to play the complete track it gets to the pasted part and does not Play.

on the Midi track I then tried to glue the parts together, in the first instance it deleted the end three out of four sections, luckily I could still use undo.

I then glued the first two sections of the four parts, they glued ok, then the two sections to the third, then the three to the fourth.

Then the Midi file played through

On the Audio file,

I have split the audio file, copied it and pasted it further along in the same track, gone to play it and no sound, original Section further back still plays ok.

#To get it to play…

Shut down Cubasis 3, turned off IPad, restarted IPad, started Cubasis 3, when C3 opened all tracks were “M” muted, so I un-muted, Audio section now plays.


I have also experienced pasted parts not playing. In my case the problem is intermittent.

Hi Dave73,

Thank you for your message.

The issue that pasted events remain silent (as stated in our Cubasis 3 Known Issues list), will be addressed in the next Cubasis maintenance.