Audio (& MIDI?) Parts: any plans to add Fades?

This would be very useful to have when e.g. shortening to incorporate a break, or fading in/out an entire section without having to automate the mixer.

You have seen the fade handles on the audio parts, haven’t you? :confused:

Click part - Audio - Processes - fade in or fade out.

Hey, I learned something today… will try this out at my next session.

(Edit to add: No no, this still does not work guys.)

We are talking about the same thing, aren’t we, guys? I’m talking about parts, as in made up of several events.

Yea- The fade handle’s on each audio part would do the trick.

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

well if you want to do a volume fade over a couple of bars lets say. select all the parts you want to fade cut them so that they are detach from the earlier loops hold shift right click processes fade out ( or audio - processes )draw in the curve you desire.

Or select all the parts you want to fade and grab the fade handle of one them.

Of course this doesn’t work so well if you’ve joined several parts on one track together, eg by using the glue tool. the fade handles won’t be there - you need to dissolve part, or bounce selection.

There are no fade handles on audio parts! That is the point of the original post.

Currently there are fade handles on audio events, but not on audio parts.
Audio parts are containers for multiple audio events, a way to group events together.
Being able to add fades to these parts (the containers) would be very useful, as it means you don’t have to bounce the contents first to get a single event to which you can apply a fade.

Thank you FD. I was beginning to think I wasn’t making sense. I take it that’s a vote in favour?

+1 (and then some Crotchety).

I thought I was going crazy too. This DOES NOT work folks. And it would be great if it did. Ever since I started with Nuendo v1, I’ve been wondering when Steinberg would add crossfade ability between audio parts in the main window. Guess we’re still waiting (almost 10 years now). IMO, they should add this functionality at the earliest opportunity - it makes obvious sense to the audio part user, as it’s consistent with the way the interface works everywhere else in the program.

Folks: Steinberg’s Audio Part feature set is one of the main reasons I stick with Steinberg. It’s unique in the industry. If you’ve never used it, I wholeheartedly recommend you give it a try. Remember - the term “audio part” does NOT mean the same thing as “audio event.” Read about this in the operation manual, and a whole new world of improved work flow may open up for you (particularly with regards to comping and arrangement of audio).

And Steinberg - many of us work with Audio Parts regularly, especially those of us who use Steinberg products on a professional basis with paying clients. Please - make upgrading the feature set of Audio Parts a priority.


Oops! I almost never use parts as opposed to events I realize. A while ago I had some sound montage stuff I had to do that needed to be faded in an out and then I used events with handles. But parts … :confused: … parts should have handles too! No doubt.

Never used parts, Ulf? How have you not gone crazy with copy/pasting? Lovely way of:

  • “Bagging up” a set of intricate edits to protect them from anything inadvertent.
  • Handling them as a unit which you may have no more to do with than advance/retard a few clicks.
  • To create a shared audio event, then a one-event part is the only way I know of doing it.

Yeah, +1 please. I like to use audio parts to keep things tidy and duplicate audio without too much mess, would be nice to have fades…


Yes absolutely +1. It would save a lot of time and fiddling.
I’d like to see crossfades on audio parts as well…

Well, I’d rather hit rec again and get a better flow than edit my way through.
I know it’s an arcane approach but to me it sounds better.
Not that I don’t know how to edit if I have to but it’s not the same.
I just rehearse a little extra and wing it :sunglasses:
But now we’re drifting off topic …

Handles for everybody everywhere!!! :laughing:


Bump back to the top…

Thank you AJ. I would just like to add that it doesn’t seem logical to have fades on events but not parts as they are functionally so similar. In other words, a part is a “sample of samples” and you will be treating as such.

By way of an example of where this would come in useful, imagine a vocal, brass or string line that you have comped together and want to treat as a unit - say it’s a recurrent theme. While in most case you are probably going to re-use this in its original form, there are plenty of times - such as in a breakdown and recovery - where you might want to fade them in/out, rather in the way that you would bring a drum loop back in (which of course is another example in itself, especially as Cubase itself can slice your audio and create a part for you). Or replay them at a slightly lower volume.

In anticipation of the argument that you can do all this with mixer automation: well, yes you can. But you can also do any fade this way so why have them at all? Besides, mixer automation is all very well once you’re near the final mix but while you’re still working the music up, having to dig out an automation track to make a slight adjustment is a pita.

You could also argue that you could bounce the part to a new file and gain all the benefits thereby, but you’ve always been able to do that so why have parts in the first place?

So my request is for the basic handles only: fade in/out and overall level.

Hope that makes the case convincingly.

If I’m reading this correctly this involves situations where two audio events have been glued into a single part?

So you lose the fade handles?

If you double click and open the new part and go into the Audio editor there you will find the fade handles.
Could be a safety feature as to why it’s the way it is. But you know me. I know nothing. :mrgreen: