Audio misfires while mix process


i have a problem with my Cubase Pro 8.5 Versionnd mixig. (System: Windows 10, I7, 16 GbRAM, GEFORCE 650 GTX, SSD 250, Interface: Audient iD22)

I have no problems while Composing and araaning the songs. Many Tracks with many Synths etc.
But when it comes to mixing, i bounnce everything to audio, and import this audio files to a mix template i created. And while this mixing prozess, there a often times audio misfires - it sounds like loud white noise, for a few seconds. somewhere in the system is a bug - white noise instead of normal sounds…

What helps is a restart of cubase.

Is here somebody, who has the same Problem? Or somebody how nows a solution?
Thanks a lot!