Audio missing in Mixdown unless use real-time

I’m on Cubase 11 pro with a new project with only 3 tracks of data (all audio), very little automation (just volume) and if I Mixdown without selecting real-time the exported mp3 misses my last recorded section of guitar audio in the middle of a track but has printed guitar audio fine that’s on the same track before and after. Very strange.
When I mix real-time it prints ok.
I’ve also had other weird effects of volume changes on other projects that has required real-time export to fix.
My Windows PC is powerful and the CPU is not stressed at all.
Does anyone have any ideas what could be happening please as I don’t want to be stuck with the time wasting real-time export from herein?
Thanks in advance.

Goodness, that’s a dearth of detail. Is that all you know?

Haha sorry, my iPad freaked out before I had a chance to get past the first sentence :roll_eyes::joy:

:rofl: hilarious!

That could be an effect that does real-time stuff causing it…

Thanks, I checked and the only plugin is guitar rig so I’ve turned that off and made sure there is still audio on playback but some parts are still lost on Mixdown.
I will try opening a new project and importing the tracks in case it’s some routing in the template causing an issue ….
So I did the above and the export worked fine, which makes me assume it’s something lurking in my template.
Opened the previously faulty project again & export again and all seems ok. My only conclusion is perhaps it’s a bug that to solve I need to close the project and reopen it. Basically the old 'Turn it off and back on again!!" :slight_smile:

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