Audio Mix Down - Separate Channels Not Working

Hi All,
In Cubase 6.0.5, I am having issues when trying to do an Audio Mixdown using the two separate Left / Right audio file option. This occurs whether I use choose mp3 or WAV format. This worked fine in Cubase 6.0.2 and 6.0.3. What happens is that two separate files are created (Left and Right), but both files have completely no sound when you try to play them back. If I re-do the same audio export with the separate Left / Right channels Un-checked, it works fine. Does anyone have any ideas why this may be occuring, or can anyone test this and recreated the same issue?

Audio Mixdown using the two separate Left / Right audio file option

If you name the option as it’s named in Cubase then it would help to see where the problem is but my best guess is that you are ticking L/R Channels when you need to tick Split Channels?

Actually, I have tried it both ways. In the past I have always used the “Split Channels” option and it worked fine. But not now. I also tried the L/R option and the same thing happens. In all cases the files are created, but they are empty - no sound.

No idea, works fine here. Maybe some old preferences lurking somewhere? Double check your outputs (and control room if you use it) under vst connections. Not likely your problem though if a normal stereo mixdown works fine.


Yeah…checked it here & it works exactly as you would expect using split channels.
L/R channels does produce empty files from a 2.0 setup.

Trash Prefs.