Audio mix down should locate ACTUAL project folder

I prefer not to use my C: Drive for storing projects or audio files, as it is only a 250GB SSD. But when selecting ‘Use Project Folder’ in the Mixdown window, Cubase always directs me to the default location in my ‘Documents’ (Windows) folder which resides on my C: Drive. Which means I need to navigate to the ACTUAL folder and this just adds an unnecessary step.


This means you have not got your actual current project folder defined properly.

Or the setting in Export Mixdown window is not set correctly.

How are you starting new projects?


Yeah, Cubase doesn’t seem to correlate the folder that I have saved the project into, with the project folder that is selected by the mixdown ‘Use Project Folder’ function.
I would like it if Cubase used the folder that I am currently saving my projects into as default rather than the ‘Cubase Projects’ folder that Cubase automatically creates on my C: Drive when a new project is saved for the first time.

BTW, Cubase creating a project folder on our C: Drive when we save our project for the first time is not ideal.

It sound like you are starting your new projects incorrectly.

Have a look at my video here for details of how to start a new project from a template.

The link above should take you directly to the relevant part of the video.

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Thanks for the video.
I understand that I should have ‘Prompt for Location’ checked, but when we fire up Cubase to just have a noodle, we don’t always want to create and name a project folder.
What I ask is that if we a have previously saved the project (multiple times), when we enter the mixdown window, Cubase should correlate the folder into which we been saving that project with the ‘Current Project Folder’.

OK it’s good that you understand.

However you also have to understand that Cubase can’t possibly know where your Mixdown folder should be if you don’t tell it.

If you’re using the same folder for all your projects then all the audio files and other things will also be in the wrong place.

Just because you save the project file in a different place doesn’t change this. Your whole project structure will be messed up.

This is why it is very important to start new projects correctly.

If you want to do a a bit of messing around, just have a project set up for that and if it turns into something serious then use backup project to move all the correct files to a new location that Cubase can then understand.

I hope that helps.

If I have saved the project into a specific folder 10 times, this should be enough for Cubase’s Mixdown function to know where to save the mixdown to. After all, it is called a ‘Use Project Folder’ function.
I don’t have to specify the folder every time I save the project, because Cubase knows from the first time I saved it. I would like it if Cubase used that same data to automatically choose my ACTUAL project folder.
Thanks for the help though. :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re not saving the project, you are saving the project file only. The project consists of more than just where you save the project file. It has all the folders that contain audio and other data etc. And also the mixdown folder if you want it.

Anyway, I am not going to argue with you, I did try to help by explaining why it is not working for you.