Audio mix downs suddenly not appearing in project

I mixed down a midi track to audio. I’ve done this a thousand times in the past, and it always appears just below the midi track in a new audio track. Now it’s not appearing anywhere. It’s getting sent to files in Cubase, but not to the project I’m working on. What’s going on?

What have you done to mix-down the track? Export?
Maybe you did a render in place before…?

I did export. I know I can do render in place, but prefer export.

Did you select the “Import into Project” tick box in the Export window?

Hi. thanks for getting back. I now have a new problem, and can’t try out your solution. I updated Komplete KKontroll, and I’m now getting now sounds in Cubase from KK. Once I solve that lovely new problem, I’ll try your solution and get back to you. :slight_smile: