Audio Mixdown bass covers. please help!

So I setup a metal composition i remove every thing except “bass:audio” and then import the file track song I want to cover. Everything goes well, except you can BARELY hear my bass, i put line 2 gain at max, i put the mix slider towards input, and NOTHING. You can barely hear my bass unless i pick really hard or play an off note.

This IS ALL I want to use cubase for, to upload Quality youtube covers. I already know how to plug in the end result wav file into my video file, so thats not an issue. the issue in my bass line.

Here is an example I uploaded on youtube:


What gear are you using and please explain a bit more clearly. I don’t understand either…

You may get better responses on a home recording forum. This does not really sound like a Cubase question actually.

Fender jazz bass directly connected to line two.
There are two tracks in my wav file…one is my bass and the other is an mp3 song. When done recording. I use mixdown…the end product is a wav file where my bass is barely audible

How do i make the bass louder in the mix? As the mp3 song overshadows it

If I use the term fader, do you know of what I speak?

Connected to ‘line two’ of what?

Dood, you have to be more clear about what you are doing and what you are using.

I only plucked the bass string once, just to show its reading the frequency

I think we are being had. I am out.

Text of your device being used would be easier. I am not sure why you are trying to make this hard…

Is the button pressed for High Z input?

Sorry man, but you need to read the manual and/or do a bit of research as to basic recording.

Not trying to be a dick but if you can play the bass and have Cubase setup and recording, you should be able to figure this simple stuff out.

Wondering myself…

nope, I never used the “high input button” it severely distorted my sound, via headphones anyway. Now whether while playback would sound normal, I have yet to test. I dont understand why you would think you are being had, when I just need help with something “so basic” to you guys. And no i dont know what fader is. It is my third day with the software

I am not asking to be spoon fed, I have spent HOURS figuring cubase out and using the youtube tutorials

To the lounge with you, where you can take some official abuse … :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, you can’t be serious.

You do realize that a “cover song” means a re-make of a previously recorded song in it’s entirety, not just replacing a bass track?


My suggestion would be to check out that Alert in your Windows Action Center icon. That HAS to be the problem :laughing: .

This is exactly why you need to spend more time learning about recording in general, and why I suggested a home recording forum to ask these type of questions.

This site is more for technical questions. Not so much for learning what a fader is.

See you on another forum man. :slight_smile:

whatever…yall are pretentious as fuck. Not everyone has spent several hundreds of hours figuring cubase out, you elitist pricks

If you are using the Hi-Z direct input and it sounds “distorted”, either your pickup is too “hot” (which I doubt) or your input level is too high.

Check your level coming into your track input. Is it “peaking”?

Slow down, Turbo.

Give us some useful info and I’m sure we can sort you out.

The fact of the matter, whether you like it or not, is that many of us have spent hundreds (if not thousands) of hours figuring Cubase out.

No man, don’t get all panty bunched. I was recommending a site that will give someone like you an ability to talk to people that will not scold you for being a newbie. This is not the place for these types of questions.

I would hold your hand and give you a direct link, but I was trying not to promote another site on this forum.

Seems now that it may be best to get you out of here now before you are banned here for your disrespect.

Read what I posted and do a simple Google search dood.

Where is the ‘facepalm’ icon here?

Let me make it easier. 'Home Recording" forum…

Seriously man, I wish you the best and want to help. :slight_smile:

Please do not scorn this forum with an attitude. It is here for more technical questions. Your best bet is to move on and ask in a forum that has information that is already there for users that are new to software recording.

From the pic it looks like your Phantom power (+48V) is on - which it doesn’t need to be. It also looks like you’re clipping - perhaps the gain is indeed too high. Of course this could just be deceiving due to the lighting.
Perhaps you’re running the MP3 track too hot and need to turn this down. Mixing isn’t just simply turning everything up.
I understand you’re using a template - try to follow the signal chain of the Bass channel in question including all plugins used in the template.