Audio Mixdown Causes Music to Double in Length and Slow Down

I am using Cubase 8 with a Focusrite Scarlett ASIO interface. I recorded at 44.1/16 and am trying to export in a 44.1/16 format but every time I try it, the finished product is extremely slowed down and about twice the actual length. I checked the pool files and they are all 44.1/16. All previous forum posts have explained to check that the export and recording sampling rates are in agreement, which they appear to be. I have tried almost everything in changing the sampling rates but to no avail. Also, the audio sounds fine during playback. I am new to this, so if a solution exists beyond sampling rate agreement, please detail it. I would greatly appreciate it.

It will be some kind of sample rate problem.
Check Focusrite sample rate setting is also 44.1
If playing back outside of Cubase when it’s slow then check windows audio settings for default device is also 44.1

Thank you for the response. I tried changing the sampling rate in every possible order and nothing is fixing the issue. My guess is that I recorded in 44.1 but my device was 96. Setting both to the same number isn’t fixing the problem. I figured out that my recording has a time stamp of double the actual time (i.e. 7:22 instead of 3:11). Can I just change the time stamp? The playback in Cubase is fine at the moment. Thank you again.

Sorry, 2:54 actual time…but as a complication when I open audio>time stretch it reads the correct time :confused:

I wouldn’t like to say if your deduction is correct but assuming it is you have 96k files that think they are 44.1.

In this case you need to edit the waveform headers to 96k using something like Header Investigator and then you need to run your project and interface at 96 or sample rate convert the files to run at 44.
BACK UP the files first as you could easily get into a complete mess here!