Audio Mixdown - Changes Pitch and Speed of Entire Project


I’ve been using Cubase for years now and it’s my favourite DAW. Everything has been smooth except for the last few months where two issues have developed (seemingly out of nowhere). At first I ignored them but as time progressed they’ve become increasingly frustrating.

The first and most annoying is that whenever I export an audio mixdown of any project, the entire projects pitch decreases, as well as the tempo. I’ve checked my sample rate is 44.1 kHz, and my bit depth is 24 bits (the same rate at which I run my projects), so I’m confused as to what is causing this to happen.

The second is that whenever I use my Midi-Keyboard every note I record is inputted three times instead of one. This isn’t such a game breaker as the other issue, but it is really annoying having to go back and delete dozens of notes all the time to avoid everything being 3 times as loud as its supposed to be and clipping my entire mix.

I’d love to hear your replies for this long standing issue, and I’d be willing to try any suggestions anyone leaves me. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome,

Make sure the project sample rate matches with the Audio Device sample rate.

Regarding the MIDI input, make sure you are not using multiple drivers for one MIDI Port.