Audio Mixdown cuts off too soon

Hi there! New guy here.
Been using 9.5LE for quite some time, but only today have I encountered an issue.

When doing the audio mixdown, the file gets cut off at the end by a few fractions of a second too soon. I’m using left and right markers properly and move them exactly from, say, bar 1 to 100. But when I put the downmixed file into the mastering section, the file is only 99.7 bars long. It seems that Cubase automatically cuts off at the end when no more audio is detected or the audio is too quiet.

Normally, that wouldn’t be an issue, but I require the song to be NOT cut off prematurely because there is a delicate delay effect going on ending exactly on bar 100. So, my question: is there a possibility to deactivate this “auto-cutoff” when downmixing audio?

Thanks and best regards.

Hi and welcome,

Could you import the exported file back to the project and compare the length, please?

I did that. The re-imported file has the same 99.7 bars length,


Could you please provide a sample project (no data, no audio, no events). Just the project setup, and set the locators. I would like to try it here. I can export just an empty track (silent) and have a look, if I can reproduce it. Maybe even your preferences folder could help to be able to reproduce it.