Audio mixdown export impossible

I tried mixdown to wav my project in Cubase 8.5 and I got info that any
unexpectable error occured. I tried many times but in vain. I uprgaded to
last version of cubase (20) but it was the same. I tried exported to FLAC
and the same problem. When I tried to mp3 had no any box with information
that it is impossible, only short blink on the screen.

I don’t know why. Earlier I had no problem with mixdown. The last session I
fininished yesterday and I tried to increase headroom, so I linked all
channels and put it down about 5 dB and when I listened it was ok. I saved
the project with a new name and tried to export and eventhough I changed
name two times and restarted my PC it is still the same problem I can’t
export this session at all.
My device configuration: PC laptop Lenovo, Win 8.1, Tascam 144 MK II, Cubase 8.5.20

Could you help me?

Hi chrisso,

I occasionally have the same issue. Make sure your Asio Buffer Size (at mixdown) is as high as possible - I set mine to 4096 samples and also go to Device Setup/VST Audio System and click on RESET and then OK and try the mixdown again!

Hope this helps?

Kind regards

James Colah

Thanks, but it doesn’t work. I change amount of samples (I have 4096 now, but earlier I had 128 and it was always ok). I reset vst as you wrote, but this is the same “unexpected error” :frowning:

What exactly is the error message?
I take it you tried both realtime and offline export?

The message is exactly “Unexpected Error”. I tried both offline and online. I always exported files offline and in the same project but without faders changing I could mixdown it without any problems. I tried it now again and it is ok. But when I put down faders some dB this error turned out. I change it and put any fader 2dB up but it shouldn’t have any influance to possibility of mixdown, but even after this change it is the same.

It means, that all faders are put down about 3 dB from original file (which I have export) and it is problem. Why?

I have only encountered that with buggy VSTi’s and when exporting at a sample rate that is not supported by the file format


I don’t know what had the real influance to possibility of mixdown. Nevertheless, when I unlinked all faders and changed position of each canal manually problem disappeared. Maybe, (it is my opinion) it was a problem with linked canals which has read automation ON and there was impossible to fix their faders position that way. I don’t know, but I didn’t change vst plugins meanwhile, so it definitely was not problem with any vst.

Thanks for your assistance :slight_smile:

Hi there. First, you must select a folder and create a new folder. Then everything will be fine. With respect Nurbek