Audio Mixdown Export problems--locators, conflicts, effects options

In the File > Export > Audio Mixdown dialog, I set up a bunch of settings for my exports, then I added one batch of tracks at a time thinking the “Locators” set when I did so would be used for each respective batch. Instead, all the batches exported to the same locators. What is the point of an export queue if everything in it ends up using the same settings?

Is there some way to get each group to use a different start/end range? (I do want them all to start in the same place, but I only want to capture the actual length of each file after that to avoid dead space that just eats up my hard drive.)

Also, in the Conflicts bit, I chose Always ask so I could see if any conflicts arose. But the program didn’t prompt me, it simply acted as if I had chosen Create Unique Filename and added a number to all the files that would have been duplicates of a previous export. (I found this because I re-exported the files that should have been longer after noticing the above-mentioned thing where everything you add to the queue uses the same, last-selected locators, despite what the locators were set to when you added each group of tracks to the queue.)

Finally, if I click out of the window, it seems to revert the Effects options to Inserts and strip, but most often I want it dry. So I’ve been keeping it open until I finish selecting all the batches. Is there some way to choose a default, or select things like this within a macro, so this doesn’t happen? (I don’t see most of the dialogue options available within the Key Commands.)

Are you using cycle markers or just locators?

Thought I made that clear–locators. I take it your asking means cycle markers would solve that part…so I consulted the help files, found them unclear as usual, played around a little more, and after finding that one cycle marker represents a range not a point and I could view what the range it created was in the Project > Markers window, it looks like that addresses getting a different time range for different tracks.

But it still incremented the file names on conflicts without prompting me, instead of “Always Ask” like I specified, so as far as I can tell that part is a bug.

No longer sure about the effects bit…this time when I closed the Audio Mixdown window and reopened it, it still said Effects disabled. Not sure what was different the first couple of times vs. now that made that behavior change.