Audio mixdown gets out of key

I’ve just upgraded to Cubase 9.0.10. After haveing several previous versions of Cubase I’ve now experinced a quite odd problem in this new version. Audio mixdown gets out of key. For example in my last attempt I hade concluded a project in the key of C minor. At mixdown the audio file suddenly appear in something round C# minor. Defenetley it’s not C minor anymore. And it doesn’t matter if the mixdown is made to wav or mp3. Any one haveing a clue on how to solve this?

This sort of problem is usually caused by exporting at a different sample rate to the project and/or the sample playback rate of the audio device you’re using. E.g. your project is at 48kHz but you export at 44.1kHz and re-import the file. Therefore it now plays at 48kHz and is higher in pitch. Similarly, then if you use e.g. Media Player to play the file, the audio device is still at 48kHz and the audio is higher in pitch. Check out and match your sample rates.