Audio mixdown is not quite accurate within locators

Hi all. First time post.
Cubase Artist 10.5 for PC.
First mastering project.
Gapless album.

I have set the locators exactly where I need them (quite critical for this gapless album) but when I export the mixdowns to WAV and listen to the individual songs, the audio extends a few milliseconds beyond where the right locator was set, so that I hear the first note of the next song.
Any suggestions please?
Thank you.

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Set your right locator a few milliseconds to the left so that the audio ends where you want it to. This doesn’t address the actual problem, it is just a way to work around it. I find with export mixdowns I have to often make adjustments in the mix after listing to the end product and export mix again, and again until I’m happy or at least happier with it. Hopefully you can find a way to make the locators more accurate but until then try this nuts and bolts /trial and error idea …

Thank you, yes that is a suitable (albeit fiddly) workaround.

I must say that I’m surprised that cubase doesn’t actually export exactly what is inside the locators.
I’m literally trying to align drum hits here, using trial and error exports.

I tend to do projects that really need ASIO guard and larger buffers, so I do like Scott, and fiddle till it’s right.

However…if you’re pretty much done with the heavy processing and live VSTi stuff…You might try with small asio buffers, possibly with ASIO GUARD disabled.

Just a theory, but ASIO guard and large buffer sizes make compromises to allow bigger work loads, distributing some things over logical cores somewhat in advance of when it’s time to actually play those samples. This might lead to latency and less precision with stuff in our project editors.

If all you’re doing is working with some stereo samples, not a lot of plugins and stuff, you should be able to get away with all main-line processing, even on a modest PC.

It’s worth a try anyway.

I.E. Set ASIO guard to normal, or totally off, and try a buffer of 64kb or lower. Are sample level precise things done in the editor more accurate then?

If you get crackle or pops, gradually increase buffer size until it goes away.

Oh…arming tracks for monitoring also forces them into the live processing stream. It’s a quick way to by-pass asio guard without going in and fiddling with those settings.