Audio Mixdown issue LE 10.5

Hi Folks,

I’ve been using Cubase 7 a while ago but nowadays cannot afford the license so using a LE10.5. Took me a while to learn the new interface but it’s ok so far. However, having a very big problem. I’m using the DAW primarily for recording the drums for my band from a V-Drums kit via VST.

I managed to successfully configure the VST, getting the signal, getting the sound, can record into the main vst channel, have everything routed correctly to separate outs (these are displayed as automation). However, I am completely unable to run audio mixdown of the individual kit parts/microphones. All I can do is to run a mixdown of a stereo out on anything that’s activated in the project view.

Help! Is this the limitation of the LE version? Or am I just missing something incredibly obvious??

So far, I managed to overcome it by working and editing the midi in Cubase, exporting the .midi file, plugging it into reaper, bouncing tracks to audio, re-importing to cubase, further work with the effects etc… this is functional but very convoluted.

Any suggestions?

Hi and welcome,

Yes, this is Cubase LE limitation. There is no multichannel export available in Cubase LE.

Hi Martin,

thanks for the reply. Can you tell me what is the lowest version that has the multichannel export? and ideally, midi comping… will be super grateful!

Channel batch export (which is what you are asking) is available in Cubase Pro.
Multichannel export is a different thing, but also only available in Cubase Pro.