Audio Mixdown issue - Now Solved I think?

Now this has not happened to me on my old machine. However Cubase does not seem to like mixdown with the Update Display box ticked.

At first I though it didn’t like doing this action at 64 samples so I upped it to 128 and still the same thing happened.

Anybody had a similar problem?

Actually I am getting a bit fed up as it is now very difficult to bounce down my projects. Surely someone else has experienced this.
A new machine - a clean install???

Weirdly having saved before I attempted to do a mix-down and then crashed Cubase I rebooted and brought up the Project assistant and the previous save was not on the Recent window. I know because I had changed the name.
So I saved. Closed Cubase and rebooted again and this time the save was on the Project Assistant. Now I managed to get a mix-down - however Cubase crashed at the end of the mix-down. Strangely as I started the process I was asked if I wanted to re-name or replace a previous mix-down. There was a file but it would not play in Media Player…

I haven’t had this many issues since the bad old days of C6. Well given all the other bugs afflicting C8.

I think I have solved the issue. I haves been using Ubershall’s Elastic on a number of recent projects. I decided to see if that might be the issue so I decided to convert those parts to audio. It seems that Cubase does not like rendering multiple parts from Elastic and that crashes Cubase too. If you glue them all together that is fine however. I Rendered the parts separately and that was ok and a mix-down was too.


Unfortunately it is still happening. I can’t get my head around it. It now seems to crash at the end of the mix-down!!!
It also crashes at other times at the beginning. It also prints anon functioning Mp3 or wav file in the receiving folder.


hi m8
what version of cubase are you using 8.0 or 8-05 ??
i as because i just feel the update was a rogue if it still happens after the removal of 8 05
then try this think in terms f other possibles .
firstly i would look at your graphix card
are the drivers ok ?? not new but just ok … refresh them or update them even go back a generation .
turn off the update display on bounce down or even offline bounce.
check your WDM drivers .
also one thing i would try first of all .
check to see if your ram is not being choked…
after you have restarted ie cold boot … not just restart your ram should be refreshed…
do nothing else but open up that mix and bounce it

another thing would be to make a new project , empty from steinberg so to check if your def project is not corrupt … throw in some audio one track at a time and bounce if it works then add another keep going untill it crashes or not

is your windows 8-1 set up for audio silly question but you never know …
are any usb connections going to sleep and then waking up when mixdown starts ???

not answers for you but just maybe one idea that may lead to the answer
good luck—

Thank you for your reply.
Actually my computer is a new build.
I did think of the graphics card, but the AMD Radeon HD7700has the latest drivers.
I always shut down then re-boot and only use restart when installing software.

I have since discovered that some projects seem to mix-down fine, but I have not isolated the different factors involved.
The weird thing is that when a faulty mix-down and crash occurs a file is left in the mixdown folder. It will not play in Media Player. If I delete it the next time I do a mixdown the same thing happens. If I don’t delete it at the beginning of the mix-down the window asking if I want to overwrite or rename the file comes up and when I select Overwrite the mixdown takes place but Cubase crashes at the end when the mix-down window reappears.


I have sent some crash dumps to support. However I am still awaiting a query about Padshop Pro which was about 4 weeks ago. So I’m not holding my breath.

I have been waiting nearly three weeks for support to get back to me. Is this acceptable?

I think I am closer to what is causing this issue. Audio Mixdown with three monitors seems to have issues.
1 It does not seem to like Update Display.
2 It only seems to work if one monitor is blank. ie the grey page under the menu bar.
This is happening with 8.0.10.

It is a pain having to clear one monitor every time I want to do an audio mixdown.
Common Support - contact me!

It appears that it might have been the PSP Triple Meter. An update notification from PSP informed me that this plugin had been crashing Cubase when audio was being processed. Now I don’t need to tear out what is left of my hair!