Audio Mixdown Issue

A common problem I have been having for years is that when applying audio mixdown to a finished track I’m getting small dropouts on tracks that have multiple edits and variaudio applied. Usually my lead vocal tracks. It manifest as a small random dropout in the vocal usually just once or maybe twice in one song. When playing back the project the dropouts are not there. Only on the newly created mixed file weather mp3 or wav

My work around has always been to duplicate the track and then bounce the entire original track. Glitches go away. I can even just bounce the few seconds of audio where the glitch occurs and that will fix the problem.

I’m really asking if anyone else is having this behavior? It has happened for me since at least 6.0 and on multiple computers. The only constant is my RME Fireface 800.

So I know the workaround just wondering if there is a fix and if I’m alone with this issue.




I’m sorry to hear this.

Could you describe your Audio Mixdown settings, please? Are you using real-time or Offline Mixdown? What happens, if you try to freeze the track before? Is it he same for MP3 and WAV file? Is the dropout always at the same place?

I am using offline mixdown 44.1 24bit. It happens with both mp3 and wav. Dropouts will occur in the same place if the track is not bounced. I haven’t tried freezing the track.

A quick bump

Do you meen when playback?

the mixdown file when played. If the individual track (mostly vocal track with many edits) where the dropout occurred is not bounced first. There is no dropout when playing the project. The mixed down mp3 or wav will have the dropout. Did that answer your question?

Yes it answered my question.

I would try to select all tracks, and try to Bounce it via Render in Place with an option to mix it to the one track. Is the drop-out here in the bounced signal too?

Then I would try to use Mixdown in realtime.

No the dropouts are only in the mixdown file.

Mixdown in real time may work but not very realistic for the number of files I mixdown. That’s one reason I don’t use PT.



And what about this offline Render in Place, please? Select Mix Down to One Track, please.


I’d just like to bump this thread because I have been having the exact same issue for years now.
Also on tracks with lots of edits and variaudio.
The bouncing solution doesn’t always work so I’m looking for a good workaround.

When you bounce in realtime, do plugins that have oversampling for offline bounce enabled bounce with or without the oversampling?

I think this problem needs to be fixed.
I can’t imagine that us 2 are the only ones with this issue.

My system btw:
Windows 7 64 bit
Cubase 8.5 pro (but this has also happened to me with different versions of cubase.
My DAW is on a samsung SSD disc and my sessions on a seperate disc (72000rpm I believe).


Have you tried looking at the windows power scheme or tried using the Cubase built in power scheme ?
It could be a CPU core that gets parked and turned back on.
In the old days it was often a hard drive controller not having DMA enabled, but those days are gone and I haven’t seen this behaviour in many many years.
Then there is the obvious ones, like a background process taking way too much CPU power, or hybrid drives that choke on sustained transfers.

Just wanted to report back with this issue.
I’m still having the exact same problem.
I’m on a different system now.
A few months ago I installed W10 64bit.
So I reinstalled my entire PC.

I was hoping that this issue would go away but it’s still there and it’s a big nuisance.
I’ll describe my issues again in short:

When I’m working on a (big) mix with vocal tracks that are edited together and with variaudio upon bouncing small ‘holes’ or dropouts appear in the edited vocal tracks.
Usually it only happens once per track and the drop out must be less than a second.
The problem can only be solved by duplicating the track and bouncing/freezing that track.
However, I’ve found that this doesn’t work everytime.

Please Steinberg, resolvimg this issue would be great!
If anyone else has had this happen, please report here.

ps: I always work in 48khz and 24 bit.

I have a Gigabyte motherboard, and made the mistake of installing their tools. It was a long time ago, so I can’t remember what they were called at the time. The one that was supposed to make it easy to tune the board caused no end of grief (in terms of getting stable audio performance).

Once I got rid of them, it was smooth sailing.

Your old system was Gigabyte, so I thought it worth mentioning. You mention that you’re on a different system now, though…

this is VERY annoying one - makes dropouts in final audio and you can simple miss it and send out buggy wav! - the same issue here - short dropouts on mixdown (randomly sometimes 1/4 second silence in particular track with vocal, guitar etc., once or more per song). THIS HAPPENS ON RENDER, PLAYBACK IS OK. ITS NOT EASY TO REPRODUCE IN A SMALL PROJECT. Latest Cubase. It could be related with audioevent warps or cuts, much random & not easy to determine.
It’s random but not too random, when rendering the same stuff, it seems that dropout are in the same place! Please fix this one with the highest priority.

an important hint - this bug happens while rendering time-warped (or variaudio?) events. Much warped events are ok but one percent them are “wrong”! I have never seen it with unwarped audio. The same project produces dropouts in the same place. I suppose this is a BUG IN RENDERING WARPED EVENTS. You can clearly here is in vocal and somehow fix, but dropouts in other instruments like drums and guitar or back vocals produces simply strange sounding places (like one short strike on guitar is missing) in final audio - its almost impossible to find instantly all dropouts, ears are hearing dropouts as a strange thing (like missing guitar 16th strike) - imagine, how easy is find such dropouts before you send wav to customer!!! Thanks

I have this issue. occasionally drops out during listening and also in random locations during offline bounce. super annoying.

Same issue here. With an added annoyance: Also VSTIs dropout. Like half of the drumtrack of superior drummer.
And yes, tracks with variaudio in it. I agree, this should get treated as issue with the HIGHEST PRIORITY because it degrades Cubase to an amateur product at best. These errors are sometimes not even easy to detect and make the whole workflow very unstable and insecure.

My workaround at the moment is freezing tracks before I mixdown, but I’m not entirely sure if this fixes the problem.

Windows 10/64, Asus motherboard

Actually just wanted to know if there is any solution to this old problem?

I have had this problem when exporting the final mix on my laptop, but never on my stationary where I normal use Cubase… I have done anything about it on my laptop, since I rarely export from there, but suddently it does the same thing on my stationary, which it has never done before…
I have all the vocals send to one group and all the music to another group… When I listen to the final exported file, at some random place in the song all the music just stops, and the song is acapella the rest of the song… Nothing changes on the vocals, everything is the same with fx tracks and everything, but the music just mutes… I have been exporting this song maybe 10 times without problem, but suddently it made this error twice, and the music muted in two different places in the two errored mixdowns… And it’s not on a beat or anything, and nothing perticular happens at those to points… It’s very annoying…

Has anyone experienced this issue before, and what can I do to fix it?


Just wanted to check if anyone is still experiencing this issue? I’ve just run into it again myself (C10.5 Pro), and have unfortunately had it happen in previous versions of Cubase too, just as described by others here.

I agree with Vitraska that for me the issue seems to be related specifically to projects that have a heavy CPU load AND time-warped (vari-audio) events. And yes, this means primarily on comped lead vocal tracks.
As others have stated, playback is fine. Additionally, heavy load projects without time-warped audio events are also fine.

  • Rendering in place, doesn’t work unfortunately, tried with both dry and channel settings.
  • Freeze doesn’t work, dropouts still occur and sometimes even randomly at different places.
  • As menancemusic says, duplicating the offending track and then bouncing has been my work around, and even that doesn’t always work.

Any more suggestions for a solution appreciated.

Same issue, same conditions: lead vocal, VariAudio, mixdown. Steinberg, please…