Audio Mixdown Only Tracks with Audio


As far as I understand, Logic’s ‘export all tracks as audio’ function smartly exports only the tracks with regions and audio (fx busses with regions but being fed no audio, don’t get printed). Is there a way to do this with Cubase’s ‘Audio Mixdown’ procedure?

I’m prepping these sessions for a score mixer on a super tight schedule. There are several splits categories, each with there own family of fx channels. So unfortunately it’s not as simple as just checking the boxes of the tracks with audio in the Audio Mixdown window; my session is really complex and it would be very time-consuming to make sure I get every send and track with audio. I’d like to just check everything and only the tracks with audio get exported.

Any ideas from people doing something similar would be greatly appreciated!


Hi, again. So I’m streamlining the process a bit by using the ‘select tracks with data at locators’ function and then manually checking those tracks in audio mixdown.

I think that gets me most of the way there but the FX channels are still an issue. Is there a quicker way than looking at all the sends to know which FX channels/groups are being used?


Sorry, can you explain? Sounds like I’m missing the obvious but I don’t see it.


Was just a thought, but if you solo the track in question, will it not also solo all the Grps and FX associated with that track?

Nice! That works well! I can use use the ‘select tracks with data’ visibility function, solo all those tracks, make the FX channels visible and there it is. Thanks!

Another question, is there a channel selection function in the Audio Mixdown window like ‘select all visible channels’? That would really speed things up!