Audio Mixdown - Open in New Project

Hello all,

I was just wondering if anyone would like the Open in New Project feature (in audio mixdown) to open a session with matching project settings and spotting the files at their origin. It’s a minor annoyance at first, but after printing huge amounts of deliverables for a few months you pray it get’s baked into the next major release.



I could see this being useful, good idea

I usualy print my deliverables in real time by rerecording the busses. This makes it easy to make a last minute tweak if you need to and pick up the recording where you left off. When I get to the end of the show, it’s common that I’ll have many bits and pieces across my prints… I then move them down to “playback” channels that are already set up to play through a dedicated monitor in my control room. I adjust all the xfades and do my double checks there, select all and bounce. The file names get the track names, so these are already set up to be what they’re supposed to be too.

Later if I get a client change, all I have to do is print the changes… move them down to the play back channels and edit the fixes in… bounce again with updated names. These sorts of changes always seem to be at the 11th hour when I’ve already moved on to my next job or episode so it’s nice to be able to do them quickly and get on with my day.