Audio Mixdown Phasing Issues

I have recently inserted the chopper plugin to a synth, and then another in insert 2. when i export the tune with audio mixdown the sync of the choppers is slightly out of time. obviously this doesnt null with the original project when i flip the phase. the export is also slightly quieter in volume when played in both cubase and windows media player. a mate told me it was because i had too many insert effects on too many tracks, so i tried exporting an audio mixdown of a single track project: just a retrologue bassline with some release time automation. this time the automation wasnt picked up in the export and the bass notes bled into each other. what am i doing wrong? my project is set up to work at 44.1khz, 32-bit float. and i exported the file as a wav, 44.1khz, 32 bit-float, L/R channels. your help would be much appreciated guys!

There are lots of reasons for the volume difference, simple ones are like having both the Output and the Studio (check this by going to F4 output tab and Studio tab. Your outputs should only be set on one or the other tab.)

Once you’ve confirmed that,download a known test pink/white noise file of a given DB. Export that. It should be identical.

If not, you may have your project pan law set to something like -4 (check project settings)

Once you are exporting cleanly with nothing but the known file, you can progress to your synth problem.

oh, and it’s possible that your synths will never be in phase between exports because of free running OSC cycles/LFO cycles/envelope cycles etc… But, do the other checks first.

ok thanks. the pan law is set it equal power. could you please clarify your first paragraph? for the test pink noise could i just record a sample of the pink noise plugin that c7 has?

i dont really understand your last paragraph either, as they synths sound perfect inside cubase. if free running OSC/LFO/envelope cycles make the export of the synth sound out of sync, why does it sound fine in cubase?

Realtime Export?

when i tried real time export it crashed which will be due to my CPU being at full load from all the inserts and such. i havent tried a real time export with just the bass track on its on with no processing. i will try that. but im still stumped as to why the automation track was off on the bass track after export, when it was the only track in the project and no processing at all, ie: maximum CPU available.

Sure, but Cubase is causing you a problem, so take it out of the equation.

i dont really understand your last paragraph either, as they synths sound perfect inside cubase. if free running OSC/LFO/envelope cycles make the export of the synth sound out of sync, why does it sound fine in cubase?

I thought you were comparing 2 exports? 2 exports will be different, as will each playback. Are you saying the export itself has phase issues? That would really point to a routing problem.

Not CPU, but ASIO meter. Try increasing buffer.

ah maximum buffer and still the same issues.

I’d try exporting the problem track realtime, by itself, back into the project and then exporting the whole thing.

NWP you bloody beauty!! and thanks JMCecil. It was the studio tab which was the issue!!

the chopper isnt a good effect it had problems since cubase sx1 or so… I never use it. use 3rd party choppers etc or do it with a sampler

Yeah ive heard similar things like this before. i find it utterly disappointing that cubase are still including plugins which have glitches in them. for the price and supposed standard of product i find this utterly unacceptable.

Yeah, but the plug had nothing to do with your problem.

i had two problems. one was a reduction in volume, which was the studio tab solution. the other was the loss of sync of the chopper after export, which has no solution other than faffing about doing various exports with certain tracks soloed - a waste of time and workflow killer. so actually, the plugin was the problem. and a big one at that! i cant actually believe i paid 465 for a piece of software that has built in glitches. i may just switch to protools.

You’re right, the plugin does have a problem. You will find that the sync of chopper varies when you change the size of your buffers. The smaller the buffers are WHEN YOU BOUNCE THE AUDIO the more correct the timing will be (although will never be 100% perfect unless you could theoretically have a buffer of zero). Therefore this plugin is flawed and you should try and use something else. Camelphat for example has a similar chopper function that will stay in time properly.

As far as changing to another DAW due to this issue, well that’s quite silly. It would be like moving to a new house because you don’t like the colour of the front door. Chopper is an ancient plugin. Must be 10 years old I guess. Of course, problems like this are not desirable but very easy to find a solution. i.e. use a different plugin if timing is a concern.

its more the principle than anything else. i feel like steinberg are leaving these shitty glitches in just so they have improvements to make and therefore continue the flow of new/expensive software. either its planned, or just plain lazy. but either way i dont feel steinberg deserve my custom if they arent going to make an effort and tie up loose ends to create a polished product. nice one for the info on buffer size and the sync of the chopper by the way, ive wasted 2 solid days in the studio fannying around with this. not impressed

That’s like moving from BMW to Mercedes because you don’t like how the valet key works on the BMW. You’ll find plenty to bitch about in PT as well.

I should think fixing the Chopper plugin is not even anywhere near getting on Steinberg’s to do list. It’s really just an old relic from the past so think of it as a free bonus. Personally I’m happy that they spent time over the last few years creating Variaudio, Control Room, VST3 etc etc rather than fixing Chopper. :slight_smile: You WILL NOT find a DAW that is without issues so far better to get to know the issues with the DAW you have and learn how to avoid them.

for 465 a pop, i would expect a product glitch free. this is just another example of planned obsolescence. winds me right up!