Audio Mixdown preferences?

Hello my friends!!

I am continually on the seach to smooth out workflow. I am wondering if there’s a way to be able to SET what the NAME field defaults to within the “Audio Mixdown…” dialog.

As of now, when you click on Audio Mixdown… it defaults to whatever the previously mixed-down file was named. So if I most recently exported a track named “Piano Song” it will default to “Piano Song.” Is there a way to change this? Say, to perhaps, whatever the name of the currently-selected region or currently-selected event is?

If I could do this, I could create a macro to export multiple songs out of one project, AND have them be named correctly, with the click of ONE BUTTON. This would save massive time if you’re the kind of person that mixes multiple songs in one project :slight_smile:

Maybe there’s a way to do this with the logical editor? but I doubt it. Unfortunately, there’s no key-commands to manipulate what happens in the Audio Mixdown dialog. Otherwise, my problem would be solved :slight_smile:

Any ideas?


Try to explore the Naming Scheme in the Export Audio Mixdown window, please.

No, as I feared might happen you misunderstood…

The SECOND you click on “Audio Mixdown…” a highlighted name appears in the “name” field. THAT NAME, is whatever you last mixed down. THATS what I want to be able to change. The naming scheme is irrelevant here.


Then I’m sorry. You can dynamically modify what is in the Naming Scheme only.

You can use “set to project name” (down arrow right of the name field).
I have being using that for some time now, I simply often forget to change the name and have a hard time finding the mixdown afterwards. That way it at least follows the project name somewhat, because if you enable “auto update name” it will add a number.
Let’s say project is called “gaga-03” you do a mixdown and end up with “gaga-03.wav” perfect.
Then you do another mixdown of the same “gaga-03” and do not end up with “gaga-03-01.wav” but with “gaga-04.wav”.
That can get really confusing if you have other revisions of the same project, and use the “Save New Version” a lot.
The NAME field so could use some variables like %prodname, %date, %source, %track, %author etc.