Audio Mixdown Problem

When I try to create mp3 version of a 27track song (includes audiotracks and multiple vst instrument tracks like vienna and east west, omnisphere etc.) the mixdown starts as it should but there is no indication of process. usually cubase gives you a percentage or time of how much longer to go. Instead it everything stays at zero while the mixdown happens. It’s annoying. You can’t chancel either. Nothing happens. Any help? Or is this just one of the many problems that comes with a new version?
My setup is Cubase 8, 64 bit, Windows 7, i7, 16GB RAM.

But do you get the mixdown?

yes, the mixdown works. but you never know how long it goes which is kind of annoying if you have longer projects. everything works fine when there are only a few tracks and the song isn’t longer than 10 min.

I sometimes have the same problem you described, on large orchestral projects. Also, in Cubase 7.5.