audio mixdown problems


My first post so hello all!

I’ve been experiencing something very weird for the last week. When trying to export an audio mixdown I found that I was getting the ‘serious problem occured’ message, and when I tried realtime I got ‘cpu overload’ . :confused: However, my cpu was running at what I would consider a safe rate. I updated to 5.5.3. tonight, and now I have a different problem. I can export an audio mixdown with no error message, however the result is just an empty wav. when I use the realtime it works fine. Kind of annoying. Does anyone have any ideas what this might be? I’ve searched the forums but haven’t really found an answer. All plug-ins and vsts are official.

Any help would be appreciated, :slight_smile:

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I should say that I have been using cubase 5 on the same system for almost a year now and haven’t experienced this before.

Intel Core i3 330M
3GB Memory
320 GB HDD
M-Audio Fast Track Pro interface
Cubase 5 (5.5.3.)
Halion Symphonic Orchestra

OS? Memory usage of the project?

I have had projects that with regular (non real time) export VSTi tracks get left out. To fix it, I used real time export. I had one or two that on real time export had a cpu overload. Things to do to help with that are to increase ASIO buffer size, freeze tracks, remove any “analysis” type of inserts (these can be demanding and aren’t necessary during the mixdown). Are you using 64 bit or 32 bit Cubase?

This has suddenly become a recurring issue for me (again - in C6 this time). Unfortunately real-time consistently produces CPU overload errors… :confused:

I’ll try some of the above suggestions though it is rather annoying that it everything was working fine one day and then suddenly not… :neutral_face:

I know this problem quite well and haven’t found a satisfying solution (nor the real cause) neither.

Freezing most of tracks sometimes really helps, but sometimes even freezing one specific track can be difficult if not impossible (same errors - CPU overload).
I have this issue specially with external instruments.
Sometimes I assume it’s a Bus-overload issue because neither CPU nor ASIO load is high enough.

The only way I can reach the tracks to be exported is to reduce ASIO-Load as far as possible (however).


Hey Guys,

Thanks for all the replies and apologies for not having thanked you earlier. I have found this problem to be recurrent and seemingly random. Realtime exports do the trick - either on first go or eventually after a few tries.

And now my video player is beginning to have a go at annoying me - quite laggy…prohibitively laggy!

Updating my gear soon. Thinking of upgrading to a new iMac i7 8GB Ram system. Been a PC user all my life but, I suppose it’s one of those tough decisions that most of us go through when thinking of an upgrade! :slight_smile: We’ll see!

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Raising the buffer of the sound card is only thing that has helped for me. Although that introduced a problem of it’s own which is once in a while everything becomes distorted. It’s like the sound card clips and stays so until I reset it. And I still have to export in real time as well.

We can only hope C7 won’t have these problems.

I am also having a problem where the song plays fine in real time but the mixdown completely breaks and only one or two tracks are written. I don’t know how to fix this.

I I would just like to say that I’ve had same problem and I solve it updating my plug in information (devices Tab)
(the problem only happened to me when exporting to resolution diferrent from the project (for instance from 96 to 44.1)
good luck