Audio Mixdown results in flat line

In Cubase AI 10.5, when I Export > Audio Mixdown to convert Midi to Audio, the resulting Audio file is always flat. I’ve searched everywhere and changed every setting I can think of, please help!

To convert MIDI to audio directly, I would use the Render in Place function instead, which can be used on a selected MIDI part ([right-click] > Render in Place) or on a whole track (Edit > Render in Place).

If you are using a MIDI track, check also its output routing.

Sorry, I haven’t thought that the Render in Place command wasn’t available in Cubase AI version. So, using the export audio mixdown :

  • Be sure that, for any, conversion from MIDI to audio, the output routing of a given MIDI/Instrument track is relevent.
  • Eventually, solo the tracks that you want to have in the audio mixdown
  • Check the locators position : they should cover the entire range of the MIDI parts involved.
  • Check the fader(s) of the track(s) concerned.
  • Also, carefully check all the options of the Export Audio MIxdoxn window.

Do you use software synths for your MIDI or external hardware synths?

Thank you for the reply… Correct, Render in Place is not available in Cubase AI, so I am trying to accomplish this via Audio Mixdown. I’ve double checked all of your bullet points but still getting a flat line in my audio track once it is created via Audio Mixdown. I am somewhat of a newbie to Cubase but feel like I’ve tried every thing to trouble shoot this but still can’t get to the bottom of it.

External hardware synth (Yamaha Modx 7)

Therein lies the cause.
If you want to have the audio signal from an external synth in Cubase, you must record it onto an audio track.
Make an empty stereo track. Set the input of the track to the audio channel that your Modx 7 is connected to (F4 - Audio Connections) and then record the entire track in real time.
You can’t use audio mixdown for this.

@cubic13 Cubase AI has no external instruments, that’s why I don’t mention it.

Ahh… I’m happy to record an audio track from the Modx to Cubase, but for future reference, would it be possible to Render in Place or Audio Mixdown if I had a better version of Cubase? Eventually I’d like to record midi to Cubase from my Modx, make adjustments to the midi data, then convert the midi to audio to add different effects.

External gear must always be recorded in real time into Cubase.
This is because the sounds are created by the external gear, they are not inside Cubase if you just play back MIDI.
It won’t be any different with any other software on the planet. I have to do the same using Cubase Pro. However, the Pro version has a feature that makes connecting external gear’s signals inside Cubase easier. But you don’t need to spend money for this. This is just a “quality of life” feature.

FYI update here, I have accomplished my goal of trying to get midi track recorded to audio, I was able to get there by following this tutorial, starts at 17min mark. [How to use the Yamaha Montage/MODX in a DAW- The Complete Guide]