Audio mixdown to video

Congrats on creating your new video engine.
I want to make sure you do not forget how important it is to be able to make small video clips from the project timeline for the client approval process. Once you work this out I can cancel my Pro Tools subscription for ever.
Thank you.

Yes, I have the same situation


In the first Nuendo version it was possible to do a “mix to video” export to attach sound to a video that I usually used for the same exact need. Then for some reason it went missing.






If you don’t have Protools and you need to do a quick merge without using an edit suite, Quicktime 7 pro is an easy way:

  1. Open your video in quicktime player
  2. Click on movie properties and delete the existing soundtrack
  3. Open your audio file with quicktime player
  4. go to edit, select all and copy
  5. Go back to your video clip and under edit choose add to movie.
  6. Save as a self contained mov and you are good to go


Agree. But Steinberg just finished the first iteration of the new video engine. I m confident it’s on the list of to do. When? We will have to wait and see I guess.

In the mean time:
Perhqaps use RAVE, it is still in development but very usable.
Basically it’s a GUI front end to do this using ffmpeg.
At its simplest you just drop the video and audio on to it and press a button.

Important to follow the installation instructions.

Thank you. This looks good for commercials and other small clips. Not good for cues in the midst of a film, however. unless I have video editing software too. Still easier to use pro tools to make video clips. I don’t want to use pro tools but I will have to until this is available in Nuendo.

I miss it too, although it worked only half of the time. I now have to use ProTools or an Adobe product, but it would be really swell if from within Nuendo I could export a video with the new mix to send to clients so they can check the mix with the video.


What I’ve done is a momentary fix that works within Nuendo 8.1.10 (Mac), Duplicate the Nuendo App, call it NuendoCopy or whatever you like. control-click on Nuendo 7 ( hopefully you still have it on your system) and select “Show package contents” click, Contends/Components and then copy the videoengine.bundle. Copy and replace it with the Video engine bundle of N8copy (same location but just that od N8). you do need system priveliges so have your password handy. Now ones you boot your Nuendo copy you should have to option available to replace audio in Vido under Export.

I’m switching to Reaper. Problem solved.

Reaper is absolutely NOT comparable. Reaper lags in so many areas.
To switch to another daw, just because a feature is not there, is definitely not a solution.
But anyway, Audio mixdown to video will be integrated soon in Nuendo.


Reaper is great for many things. For film post, Nuendo has definitely many advantages over Reaper. If Reaper works for your work, great :slight_smile: But I think I read here somewhere that mixdown to video is on the feature list.

Yes, the ability to render videos with your audio will be added in the future as a replacement for “replace audio in video”.

Is it safe to still use QuickTime on a Windows 10 PC that is never connected to the internet?

I tried all other software alternative suggestions but they simply don’t match (unless I missed something?). QT not only has the ability to replace the audio in a video, but it can also replace an audio segment, at a certain frame of the video. It can also trim the whole video. This is essential for my workflow (I send the Director smaller video segments with my music for approval).

while waiting for it to return to Nuendo ive been using this for easy replacing audio in a video