Audio mixdown to video

Another interesting option for replacing audio in video - tried it yesterday - seems to work fine and is free -

And here what facebook timeline spitted out today and
That’s exactly what Swi described in the beginning of the thread. Render small clips of the timeline with new audio
for 18 € in total. I didn’t tried it though. And the video player as VST is kind of clunky solution rather aimed at FL Producer.

Still it would be really nice if Nuendo would intergrate this feature.
When companies offer a similar functionality for a small money or even for free, it seems not to be a rocket science.

+1 for GAME development, working on hundreds of animations, currently the work flow is to bounce out each one to a wav, open the wav in another editor, convert the bitrate / sample rate - paste it onto the video.

Some templates would also be nice for usages: ie low quality video playback with good audio for ‘approval’ process

I also use a lot of bouncing marker cues - if they could include the video on each that would cut all the post linking work to nothing.

I’m spending a lot of money to talking to my psychiatrist about this topic,
and my childhood with “replace audio in video files” function

Hey guys, I know it’s not exactly what you expect but in some way it is even better.
This ToolKit has much more to offer and it’s super fast.
To name just a few: replace audio in ANY kind of video file, separate audio and video streams, add more audio streams to the same video and more.

Replace audio in video function in MediaER app in the Show and tell video (20min 14sec):

Hope you’d like it and share it with your friends.

Cool trick for windows: To add “Open In MediaER” as Post Process in Steinberg’s “Export Audio Mixdown” window:
Download this and follow the instructions:[for_Windows].zip?raw=1

I assume this “cheat” can be accomplished in macOS as well but I’m not familiar with the Steinberg\Audio Export Post Process Scripts OSX folder path, if anyone knows the path please try my script and share the results.

Will we please be able to render videos with compressed audio ?

In previous versions of Nuendo we could only replace audio with uncompressed WAV PCM and when it comes to large video files, it is a PITA in terms of filesize.

In the meantime I still use N7 to do that, why do you guys need any other software since your N8 license allows you to use N7 ?



hope it will come soon now

I hope this will be a novelty of 8.4, almost every day I think about it. Maybe the option “multiple export” would be integrable to export several test-videos at the same time with different versions of the sound?

+1 here also but with the addition that it works as a wrapper, so leave the source videostream 100% in takt. I can imagine that encoding video is not a thing we can ask from Steinberg/Yamaha,… Unless it’s only for uncritical preview purpose.


I hope Cubase 10 will show the way today…

I hope not and this will be a Nuendo exclusive Feature. Otherwise there will be little to no reason to use Nuendo over Cubase. They already got the Edit Mode / Virtual Reality / AAF and Audio Alignment as Nuendo features with Cubase 10 now.

I do not agree with that, I’m just waiting for Steinberg to continue inventing new post-production features for Nuendo to justify its price in relation to Cubase. So I’m not devastated when I see that Cubase is growing because I like to believe that new things will happen on Nuendo to allow it to maintain his lead.
It’s dumb to have a software that allows you to make music for the image but does not allow you to do an export of your work, it feels like you are using a trial version of Cubase or Nuendo… even basic DAWs have that feature.

Another request here. This is something I use daily and currently have to go to another machine and work with Videoslave. Not the end of the world but slows down my workflow would vastly prefer to do it as an export step in Nuendo!

Hi guys,

This is not an advertisement but I feel you pain… The 3rd party plugin like vidplayvst can render the audio into the video on the fly. I use this plugin all the time and can be a temp solution for the poor Nuendo video engine… I’m currently using Reaper for the better video engine…

I might remember this wrong, but I was under the impression that mix-to-video is coming in a later version that will be paid.

I’ve found Resolve to be a good software and I’ve used it to lay back audio to video. Obviously it’s jumping through an extra hoop, but on the flip-side of things it allows for batch renders.

On that note: I’m absolutely shocked at the efficiency and speed at which Blackmagic Design is spitting out software updates. For an actually professional software that’s free it’s absolutely astounding.

WORK around when you have to export a small piece of video and audio on timeline or multiple small videos. OBS Studio, fantastic free software for video captures, works surprisingly well without killing performance on CPU, provided you have a decent system to handle it. Its quite fast to just record down some clips to showcase, especially if its just for showcasing or reference. Though I still hope we get video / audio rending to CYCLE markers soon.

Sagigal, thank you for this link. I downloaded the ToolKit a week or so ago, and have used it to create clips for the feature I’m working on, and it is great. Fast and effective. I do wish there were documentation in regards to the conversion quality options, but beggars can’t be choosers. I’m on a Mac, and it would be fun to have that option to open up straight from the export page, but whatever…

So useful. Thanks!



This absolutely needs to happen!!! The company I work for does advert sound and we send at least 10 videos a day with work in progresses. Its insane that even MIDI gets more love than post production.


For this I use XMedia Recode (it´s Freeware!)
highly recommended by steinberg mods and postpro guys.
XMedia Recode converts many other audio/film formats, you can edit movies, it has batch converting… and much more.

(Windows only)

sorry, this has already been posted here.

this thread started 5 years ago… I’m laughing as to not cry