audio mixdown, where to place?

hi guys,

after reading a recent post about where to place sample libraries it got me thinking how i use my hard drives when creating audio mixdowns/my own samples.

what i’ve been doing so far is recording/placing the mixdowns straight onto my samples hard drive in their own folder which in my case this means my samples drive is having to read samples and at the same time write the mixdown to the same drive - but i realise this is’nt a good way to do this.

  1. how would it be best to store/record my own mixdowns, as in where to place them if there being used in the same project which i create the mixdown from, would that projects audio folder be the suitable place?

  2. what about when i do a pre-master stereo mixdown, where should i mix/record the entire arrangement down into, the projects audio folder?

i’m thinking that maybe i need a 4th drive to accommodate my own mixdowns/pre-masters?


1st drive = os, cubase, vst/plugins
2nd drive = projects
3rd drive = samples/libraries

I am not sure If I understand the question. Are you thinking about this in therms of CPU performance, hard drive allocation or just what is most practical?